Lighting Componenets

Diffusion Films

Anomet takes pride in our ability to provide our customers with the best cutting edge technologies available.

Our line of WhiteOptics® diffusion films offer the world’s highest diffuse and highest reflectance line of optical films in the marketplace.

WhiteOptics Diffusion films:

  • Increase light output and/or achieve the same light output with fewer LEDs
  • Increase lighting efficiency
  • Improve optical aesthetics
  • Help extend luminaire lifetime by reducing system temperature
  • Reduce overall system cost

White98 and White97 are available with and without pressure sensitive adhesive backers and in pre-cut rolls or pre-cut sheets. Select from our inventory of WhiteOptics® products today.

Offering the ultimate in design flexibility, WhiteOptics films are available as:

  • Diffusion films
  • Diffusion films with adhesive backer
  • Die cut parts
  • Complex thermoformed parts

Looking for ultimate production flexibility? WhiteOptics films can be thermoformed as insert-able 3D reflectors with complex geometrics. Alternatively, Anomet can laser and die-cut films to form PCB reflectors, cavity liner or 2D designs. Let us know how we can help.